Features That Will Help You Go Fast


Easy Landing Pages

Use our professionally designed, pre-made landing pages to start collecting leads, opt-ins, and email addresses within minutes!


Customize Any Site Design

Extremely customizable and easy to use, IdeaPress allows you to change the look of site without having to edit a single line of code.


Instant Salespages

Designed by professional Internet Marketer, Hans Johnson, these Instant Salespages are proven to increase results.


Optimized For Speed

Speed is important and we’ve built IdeaPress from the code up to be speedy, so your customers aren’t waiting for pages to load.


Instant Squeeze Pages

Gather names and emails quickly and easily, without having to fiddle with coding. Just change a few lines of text and see the sign ups start rolling in.


Fully Integrated

IdeaPress integrates with major email marketing software providers like AWeber, Constant Contact, GetResponse, iContact, Mail Chimp, and Ontraport.


Mobile Responsive

With IdeaPress you will greet your customers and clients on whatever device they are on. Smartphone, tablet, or computer, your site will look great.


Custom Code

IdeaPress has a built in area to add custom code – add any tracking or marketing scripts easily without having to edit any php files.

Superior Custom Controls




Fully Customizable

A dream for designers. Change the color, the padding, the margin, the font, the images, the layout, the menu, the side bars, the search box, the logo position, the footer, the blog pages all without having to write a line of code.





Unlimited Site Designs

With over 30 professionally designed Site Presets you can have a beautifully designed website in minutes (seconds, even) with just a click of a button, but you aren’t just limited to the pre-made sites. Using IdeaPress’ simple customization options, you can use the Site Presets as a springboard and make your site a reflection of yourself and your business – unique, relevant, and your own.




Custom Page Controls

Customize each page individually with the IdeaPress Page Options. Add a unique header, a custom sidebar, or even change the entire layout of the page with just a few clicks. You can create a page that’s exactly what you want, without having to change the rest of your pages or the style of your entire site.





Custom Post Controls

Pages aren’t the only thing that you can change, you can also changed the way your Posts look. Remove the title, the sidebar, or add a custom sidebar is just the start. You can also control, on a post by post basis, which social media links, comments, like buttons and more are shown.




Page Builder

With IdeaPress’ Page builder, you can drag and drop different elements into your page to create complex pages without having to write any code. You can easily create a home page with an opt-in form, recent posts, featured products and more without having to code at all.





Fully Responsive Front & Back

IdeaPress is mobile responsive, letting you greet your customers and clients on whichever device that they visit your site one. Smartphone, tablet, or computer, your site’s going to look great, load fast, and work. In this new age of mobile internet, you can’t afford to have your competitors be mobile friendly while you’re not.


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We offer a 30 day Money back guarantee. If at any time you don’t feel like IdeaPress isn’t for you, simply contact us and we’d be happy to refund your money.

More Than Just a Theme!

If you’re new to running a business online, it can be kinda overwhelming. Domain names, websites, themes, shopping carts, gateways, setting up your business online will bury any unprepared person under a to-do list 3 miles long. But there’s good news, we’ve done it a lot. A whole lot. We’re pros and we’re here to help you. We’ve launched countless successful sites internally and now we are here to help you succeed and be successful.

When you sign up for IdeaPress, you’re getting more than just a theme. you’re getting

  • One of the best WordPress themes, with Site Presets and full customization
  • training pages with a step by step process of what to do and what not to do
  • Someone to ask for help with the theme
  • Someone to ask for help setting up your site

Wait, What?

Yeah, you get someone to actually help you set up your business. We’ve done this quite a bit and know all the steps you need to take to start selling online. We know which pieces work best with what other pieces and which ones you need based on what you want to do with your business. If you’re selling handmade crafts you’re going to need something that is different than someone who’s selling memberships to a training course. We know the difference and will guide you though it all. Everything from linking your domain to your hosting, picking a shopping cart, how to set up your site best suited for your business model.

What we aren’t.

We’re not fluffy bunnies. We’re also not you. We don’t know your business inside and out, like you do. We could write your content and copy, but we couldn’t do it half as good as you could. We’re also not vampires, zombies, slime monsters, or daleks FYI.

We are highly trained web gurus, so you can spend more of your time running your business, instead of being bogged down with figuring out how to work a website. We will show you how to leverage the theme and features to best suit your particular business and get the most out of your website.